Milestone Missions

What Can I Do?

In today’s world, it can be easy to take for granted the men and women serving in the police departments that help make our communities a safe place to live. As a church we’ve always been grateful for their service and sacrifice, but a few weeks ago we decided to put our “Thank You” into action. We delivered 125 lunches to 5 police departments in our area and had the opportunity to visit and pray with the officers at each station.

Life Stories

It Really Works

Last Monday night Cam and Crisha Hall completed our Growth Track. They’re a new family at Milestone and and it was a chance for them to meet some other families and build some new relationships. A few weeks into Values 301, Cam and Crisha shared with their small group about what the Growth Track has meant to them.

Life Stories

Can Generosity Really Change Your Life?

George Bullard has been a successful IBM executive in Las Colinas for more than 35 years. But his professional accomplishments, independence and success couldn’t satisfy the growing void in his life left after the death of his father and from his disconnection from the church. A few years ago George started coming to Milestone every Saturday and gave his life to Christ in one of our services.

Pastor Jeff Little

3 Reasons I’m Proud To Be Old School

It’s not a term everyone wants. It’s often associated with “uncool,” “old-fashioned,” or “out of touch.” But I’m proud to say I’m old school. I’m not trying to bring back the good ol’ days, I’m not against change or progress. I actually enjoy both of those things a great deal. I realize there are lots of things we used to value that aren’t worth much any more.Times have changed. They’ve been replaced. I get it. I’m not trying to get everyone else to adapt to my personal preferences and I’m not trying to scold young people to be more like previous generations. That’s not the point.

Pastor Jeff Little

What Really Happens At Church?

Have you ever wondered…what’s the point of church services? Or maybe, why do we have services EVERY week? Have you ever wondered what goes into planning our weekend services here atMilestone? We believe your time is valuable and it’s why we intentionally spend so much of our week praying, hearing from God and creating services where people can have a genuine, authentic encounter with Jesus. We gather as the church to get equipped to live out our faith on a daily basis.

Pastor Jeff Little

The Whole Point of Being Here

Everyone can get in the game–you don’t have to sit in the stands and watch. At Milestone, we believe every person’s contribution is significant and we’re better when we’re all doing our part. Jesus places each one of us as living stones…and all the stones build the house. We are an everyone church.