Milestone Missions

8 Year Old Raises 4K for Friend’s Mom

When eight-year-old Rylin Childress asked her parents for a snow-cone machine for Christmas, they had no idea that a miracle that would come from it. Nicole, Rylin’s mom, had found out that one of the classmoms at Kay Granger Elementary was fighting stage four cancer, while raising three kids as a single mom. This is Rylin’s story of how she used her snow-cone machine to raise $4,000.00 to help her friend’s mom.

Milestone Missions

Finding Hope in a Detention Center

While most teenagers are waiting to get their first car or playing for their high school sports teams, there were over 70,000 last year that were incarcerated in Juvenile Detention Centers. A Child Trend study found that over 60% of teenagers in these detention centers will be incarcerated later in life as well. That same study discovered that a teen who is incarcerated is four times more likely to have mental health needs and/or suicidal tendencies.

Pastor Jeff Little

A Milestone Moment

We recently celebrated the groundbreaking for our new building at Milestone, and I was asked the question, “What were you thinking at that event?” My responsibilities at Milestone involve running our building campaigns — or what I’d like to call communicating the vision and financial need to further our mission of reaching people and building lives. When the Milestone family hears the vision, hears the need, and hears from God…I’ve seen our church take bold steps every time.