Milestone Missions

One Car, Two Stories

When people pray, powerful things happen.Our missions department recently received the donation of a car that came with two special requests from the owner: that the car be given to a single mom and that he might leave an anonymous letter for her on the dashboard. You see, the man who owned the car had grown up the son of a single mom and he’d been praying for an opportunity to bless a single mom with this car.

Life Stories

From Major Leagues to Milestone

“Blake found something of great value and significance in a place he didn’t expect.”Blake Beavan, a Major League pitcher and first-round round draft pick for the Texas Rangers in 2007, suffered a career-ending shoulder injury in 2014. In the wake of his injury and the shattered dream of playing professional baseball, Blake started attending Milestone with his wife, joined a small group and now has started inviting his friends to join him at church. Check out his journey in this video:

Pastor Jeff Little

The Best Walk I Made All Year

It only took a few short steps but the significance of this walk will stick with me for long, long time.As I was standing by the back door greeting people at one of our Easter weekend services, I saw an older couple walking slowly toward the doors. They were some of the last people to make their way out of the auditorium. As I moved forward to meet them and hear their story, I was amazed. This husband and wife from Syracuse, both in their 70s, had just made a decision to follow Jesus!

Pastor Jeff Little

To 21-Year-Old Me

Do you ever think back about your life and wonder, “If I only knew then…what I know now?”That may explain why stories about time travel keep coming back in movies, TV and books. There’s something in us that wishes we could get another shot, a do-over, or that we could somehow send a message back to the younger version of ourselves.

Life Stories

Drowning In His Grace

I felt like I was drowning, but I was drowning in His grace.Watching the love and respect her parents shared for one another, Ashley had high expectations for marriage and raising a family. But after spending several years in an abusive marriage, she found herself in place of incredible pain as she decided to moved her and her three boys home with her parents. In the middle of her anger and confusion Ashley visited Milestone for the very first time and encountered God’s love in a powerful way.

Life Stories

Easter Eggs and Answered Prayer

This past weekend we shared Lori’s story during our weekend services. Like so many others, she’s going through a difficult season in her life. When she and her kids came to our Easter outreach event, God did something amazing…He gave her hope. Hope that she wouldn’t be alone, and hope that she could actually find a community that loved and supported her.

Pastor Jeff Little

A Story of Redemption and Rescue

There’s always a sense of excitement and anticipation as we approach Easter Sunday. However before we get to Sunday, we pause to remember the events that happened on that Friday nearly 2000 years ago. Many of us may feel confused about how to approach Good Friday in light of the excitement surrounding Easter Sunday. What exactly is Good Friday and what makes it all that “good” anyway?

Pastor Jeff Little

A Simple Spiritual Health Grid Pt. 2

In part one, I explained the incredibly simple and somewhat shocking assessment Jesus uses to evaluate our spirituality: Have you been born again?God isn’t impressed by our righteous deeds, our acts of sacrifice, or our intellectual understanding. What moves His heart is our willingness to put all of our hope and trust in His perfect Son as the sole basis for our spiritual life. Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good – He came to make dead people alive to God!

Pastor Jeff Little

A Simple Spiritual Health Grid Pt. 1

Our culture loves assessment tests.· What kind of personality do I have? Take the DISC profile.· How intelligent am I? Take an IQ test.· What are my unique themes/talents/strengths? Take the Strengthsfinder.We even have assessments for your spirit animal and which character on Friends you most resemble. (I took the first three…not the last two.)