Pastor Jeff Little

A Simple Spiritual Health Grid Pt. 1

Our culture loves assessment tests.· What kind of personality do I have? Take the DISC profile.· How intelligent am I? Take an IQ test.· What are my unique themes/talents/strengths? Take the Strengthsfinder.We even have assessments for your spirit animal and which character on Friends you most resemble. (I took the first three…not the last two.)

Life Stories

Lonely and Alone: When Atheism Isn’t Enough

What began as cynicism and skepticism as a teenager, led Jake to a place where he fully believed and said “there is no god.” When he first came to Milestone, he was spiritually dead but somehow knew that he couldn’t continue to live feeling as lonely as he did. This is his story of realizing that there was no intellectual book on atheism that could make him feel the love he felt from Jesus.

Pastor Jeff Little

Tackle the Man with the Ball

I loved recess.For those few moments every day, my teacher stopped telling me to quiet down. I got a break from being squeezed into those little half desks you had to turn sideways to cram yourself into.One of our favorite games on the playground didn’t really have a name. A group of guys gathered together until a ball appeared and one guy took off running. Everybody else chased him and tried to knock him down, smash him, and pretty much pound on him until he dropped the ball.

Pastor Jeff Little

An Everyone Church- Bailey Ryan’s Story

Here at Milestone, we’re an everyone church. Nothing better represents this value than the story of Bailey Ryan and the small group she leads on Thursday afternoons. With over 200 small groups meeting weekly across our community what makes Bailey’s so unique? Bailey is only 11 years old and is leading a group of 4th and 5th graders through our Transformed small group curriculum!

Pastor Jeff Little

We’re Living It Now

s a father of four, I spend a lot of time talking with kids. They all have different personalities and quirks – it’s part of what makes being a Dad so enjoyable. But all kids love to think about their future.· “When I grow up, I’m going to…”· “How many days until my birthday?”· “I can’t wait until I’m old enough to drive.”

Pastor Jeff Little

Milestone Life Blog: The Why

Welcome to our Milestone Life Blog. You may be wondering, “What is this?” It’s a great question.Here’s something I’ve discovered in the process of leading people: Whatever you celebrate, people will emulate. The things that you take the time to draw attention to, to give honor to, to promote with the most visibility, create clear pathways for people to follow.

Milestone Missions

8 Year Old Raises 4K for Friend’s Mom

When eight-year-old Rylin Childress asked her parents for a snow-cone machine for Christmas, they had no idea that a miracle that would come from it. Nicole, Rylin’s mom, had found out that one of the classmoms at Kay Granger Elementary was fighting stage four cancer, while raising three kids as a single mom. This is Rylin’s story of how she used her snow-cone machine to raise $4,000.00 to help her friend’s mom.

Milestone Missions

Finding Hope in a Detention Center

While most teenagers are waiting to get their first car or playing for their high school sports teams, there were over 70,000 last year that were incarcerated in Juvenile Detention Centers. A Child Trend study found that over 60% of teenagers in these detention centers will be incarcerated later in life as well. That same study discovered that a teen who is incarcerated is four times more likely to have mental health needs and/or suicidal tendencies.