Milestone Missions

New Life in the Amazon Jungle

120 people from our Milestone family brought love to the people of Peru while living on a boat, traveling down the Amazon river, and visiting a different village in the Amazon jungle each day. They willingly gave up their comfort for ten days to provide medical and dental care and share the love of Christ through various ministry outreach events. With 1237 salvations recorded, 313 people physically healed, and 1253 patients seen by our medical team, we saw God move in miraculous ways. Take a look with us to see what God did in and through Jeremy, Casie, Ivey, and Alberto as they traveled the Amazon with our team.

Jeremy’s Story

“One of my favorite stories is when a group of six of us walked along the riverbank and began to pray with people. We prayed with several sick people who said their pain was gone after we prayed with them. And then, an elderly man came to us, and we began praying for God’s healing over him. At the end of the prayer, we asked him if he wanted to invite Jesus into his heart. He said ‘yes’ immediately and then dropped down on his knees. Our team knelt down with him. He received Jesus as his Lord and Savior and then began to pray with his hands lifted to heaven. He prayed powerfully at that moment, praising Jesus with such heartfelt gratitude. To me, the whole trip was worth this one salvation. What a powerful experience to see God’s love in action!” 

-Jeremy Plaisance

Jeremy’s son, Caleb, was also there when this man gave his life to Jesus. 

Casie’s Story

“As a nursing student, I don’t get to openly pray for my patients here, but in Peru, I had a lot of opportunities to sit down and pray for my patients. Praying for them really put me in a position where I could understand how to spiritually and medically take care of someone. There was one moment in particular that sticks out to me. This lady came to the medical care tents; she was the last patient of the day. We were all really tired. But when this lady came in and sat down, I immediately put away the pen and paper, and I just started crying for her. I felt so emotionally burdened for her. I told her, ‘I just want to pray for you.’ She broke down and told the translator her son and her daughter were killed in an accident two months prior. It turned out that she didn’t need anything medically, but emotionally and spiritually. She was reaching out in faith that God would bring her comfort. I prayed for emotional and spiritual healing right then and there. Even though she does not speak English, she was agreeing and crying. It seemed like God completely took away the communication barrier. It was just such a sweet moment that God gave us.”

-Casie Thompson

Alberto and Ivey’s Story

“I had this relationship with God, I knew that He died for me and came back, but I still did not understand that He could still perform miracles to heal people until this happened: there was this 30-year-old guy who wasn’t able to walk and was deaf. He was unable to make it up to the stage, but he wanted to go up and be prayed over for healing. So I picked him up, took him up there, and sat him down. We started praying for his healing. While we were sitting there praying, I opened my eyes, and he was standing up. He shook his legs out, jumped up in the air, walked around the stage, then waved, and walked off the stage. I was concerned that he might fall, but it felt like God was telling me not to worry about him, that He was performing a miracle. Now I know, God still does things like that.”

-Alberto Ochoa

“When we signed up for the trip, Alberto and I were simply thinking, ‘oh, we’re medically minded,’ we can use our gifts for that. We just wanted to go and give medical care. We thought that we would just let the ministry team let them do the whole prayer thing because we didn’t feel equipped for that. But as we went about it, there were a lot of times when there was nothing we could do medically. And so we realized, ‘Oh this is a prayer thing. We just need to pray.’ I prayed for more people out loud than I ever had in my life. It is just amazing how God changed my heart about prayer.”

-Ivey Ochoa

Both Ivey and Alberto were baptized on the trip.

We go on mission trips to bring Christ’s love to other places, but we are all missionaries in our neighborhoods, our workplaces, and in our homes, sharing His love here and now. We get to bring that love with us wherever we go, whether that’s to Peru or right here at home. 

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    Lorraine Thomas
    July 11, 2019 at 10:40 pm

    Thank Missions Team @ Milestone Church. You continue to give us opportunities to say YES to God.
    With that YES, He changed our lives forever.
    It was an honor and a life changing experience for The Thomas Family to go on mission together for the very first time.
    The Lord made it abundantly clear to me that He will, INDEED leave the 99 to go after the ONE.
    He took 120 from missionaries from Milestone Church to the farthest most remote people groups on the planet to show them~ He sees them and His LOVE knows no limits!
    He is a Miracle Working God – ALIVE and well in ME!!!
    Thank you, thank you,
    Mark, Lorraine, Breanne and Brenden

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