Pastor Jeff Little

Meet Pastor Jeff Little

Pastor Jeff Little is the founder and lead pastor of Milestone Church with locations in Keller, TX and McKinney, TX. Pastor Jeff and a team of 32 people founded Milestone in a hotel conference room in 2002. While the furnishings were far from ideal, the passion to reach people and build lives was present from day one. Pastor Jeff jokes that they upgraded from the conference room to a middle school cafetorium–a unique Texas combination of an auditorium and cafeteria–complete with vending machines which were often heard dropping sodas mid-service.

A clear vision and faithfulness to their calling allowed this launch team to reach people and build lives. Healthy growth soon followed.

Changing and Staying The Same

As Milestone continued to grow under Pastor Jeff’s leadership, more space was needed. We left the cafetorium and moved to a small church building in Keller, TX, then on to 801 Keller Pkwy from 2009 – 2017 where we met in a renovated grocery store. Now, we’re in our new campus located at 201 Mount Gilead Road with thousands in attendance. weekend attendance. God is truly using our new campus to reach people and build more lives!

While the church has grown, the founding vision that Pastor Jeff had for people to meet Jesus and experience caring, spiritual family hasn’t changed.

You’ll hear this passion for our unique DNA resonate in every message. In fact, it’s so important that Pastor Jeff authored the It’s Worth It book to allow Milestone members to have a deeper understanding of our values and culture.  Milestone continues to connect people and has a clear process to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus. We are a large church that still feels small relationally.

Pastor Jeff’s Heart

Pastor Jeff is a coach at heart- wanting everyone to win at life. He is recognized by his peers as a forerunner in leadership development, both of his staff and church members. His sense of humor and high priority on relationships is clearly seen in weekend messages and during casual engagement. This spirit extends throughout Milestone, with many people calling it “the friendliest church I’ve ever been in.”


Pastor Jeff Little received his Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Baylor University in 1996. He completed a Master’s Degree in Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2006.


Pastor Jeff and Brandy met while at Baylor University. They have four children spanning from older teenagers to an elementary student. Brandy and Pastor Jeff are deeply committed to building a strong marriage and a loving home and helping others do the same.


In addition to It’s Worth It, Pastor Jeff has written Who Am I?, dealing with the question of our personal identity, and Closer, a unique look at how we can get closer to Jesus.