Life Stories

    A Marriage Restored

    Have you found yourself in crisis without any idea of where to turn, what to do, or who to turn to? It’s somewhere many of us have been, but there’s hope. Both times Andy and Kelly’s relationship was in crisis, they found reconciliation in their marriage, and, ultimately, they found their fulfillment in God by putting Him first.  “We were married for 7 years before we walked into Restore…and some of those years had been almost unbearable. Andy and I…

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  • Life Stories

    A Big Wave at Timber Creek

    Have you seen what’s happening with teenagers at Elevate? Students are growing in their faith (and putting it into action), being discipled, and, most importantly, they are accepting God into their…

  • Life Stories

    How to Get Back on Track

    Are you prone to thinking you can’t share your challenges with other people? At some level, perhaps we all are. Struggling privately comes naturally to us. Somehow, it seems as though…