Life Stories

    Don’t Wait To Be Great

    A group of kids withe their parents and kids ministry leaders gathered in front of a larger fireplace, smiling for the camera. Some of the kids are making faces or holding up bunny ears.

    At Milestone, we believe that “You don’t have to wait to be great. You can be a great kid.” No one is too young to be used by God, and we’ve seen time and time again that the next generation can do amazing things for God. Just last week, I was blown away by a story of a young boy in Milestone Kids who gave his heart to Jesus.  Forrest is only in 3rd grade, but he didn’t waste any…

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    The Power of an Invite

    Have you ever felt powerless to change the world?  I know I have. In a world that often seems dark and bleak, it’s easy to feel like our positive actions don’t…

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    Financial Freedom Is Possible

    We all want to be better with our finances. Sometimes it can be easy to get caught in the same cycles of frustration with our money and how we steward it.…

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    Cass’s Story

    At Milestone Church, we believe in creating a safe and fun environment where kids can grow in their relationship with God and others. Our heart is to help every child reach…

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    Spiritual Family Changes everything

    Our world can seem so overwhelming right now. There seem to be so many problems all around us. But instead of letting it drive us away from spiritual family, we should…

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    Spiritual Family Is Worth It

    Prayer changes everything, but sometimes we can find ourselves unsure of what to pray for or even how to do it. When we find ourselves in those moments, it’s crucial to…