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The Difference Spiritual Family Makes

Do you know what happens when someone decides to step out in faith? 


Miracles happen. Miracles like finding family – spiritual family. That is precisely what Clint found this past semester, and it made a huge impact on his life. He owns multiple sandwich restaurants, and received an order one day that changed his life. This is his story:

“After my family and I moved here two years ago, my dad passed away, and my life began to spiral. A lot. I turned all my frustrations inward. I made bad decisions and ended up moving into an apartment with just an air mattress and a folding chair – without my family. 

I was crying for God to help me. 

During all of this, one of the Freedom leaders from Milestone called my deli with a large order for Freedom Weekend. I never take deliveries on Sundays, but I agreed to go help with the delivery.  

When I got to Milestone Church, I met a Freedom volunteer in the commons. I asked her, ‘Sooo… what is this event?’ She said, ‘Well, it’s called Freedom. It’s a nine-week course where you are in a Small Group with others. It helps you overcome past hurt, depression, abuse, or anything you are needing Freedom from in your life. Then we meet for a weekend and pray for each other.’ I was said, ‘Hmmm..sounds interesting,’ but in my head, I thought something totally different.

Wow…can this be real? 

Then, just a couple of days later, the Freedom leader called the deli again. This time, she wasn’t placing an order. She said, ‘Another Freedom leader has asked if you would like to join Freedom for the next round.’ This was just out of the blue! Goosebumps. I said, ‘I was just praying about finding a church and a community. THIS IS CRAZY!’

The next day, that leader came up to my Roanoke deli. We had lunch, and I told him EVERYTHING!! He said, ‘Have you surrendered your life to Christ?’ I said, ‘Numerous times.. but I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere.’ He said, ‘I have a Small Group I want you to join. It starts tonight, but it will be the best thing for you.’

I almost didn’t go. I felt ashamed. Embarrassed. I didn’t even go to this church. I didn’t know these ten dudes. I didn’t want them to judge me. I felt so much guilt and shame.

But… I went.

The first week was good, but the second week, I opened up, they opened up, and I began to have friends that cared about me. Friends that didn’t want to go to a bar and get drunk, they wanted to help me grow. Friends that listened when I talked and gave me guidance in the Word. 

Then I started going to church. I went by myself on a Saturday night. I saw the guys from my group. It was so nice to feel wanted – to feel connected. So, I started going every Saturday night, and I started bringing my kids with me. Now, It’s our Saturday night thing. We sit in the cafe an hour before church and draw, laugh, catch up, and then go to service. 

I feel different. 
I feel better. 
I feel happy and joyful in my life again.

All from taking a box lunch order on a Sunday…. crazy how God works.”


The simple steps, and even the complicated and strenuous steps, that we take have major impacts. Whether we are inviting someone to join a Small Group or giving someone an invite card to join us for a service, our steps matter. They make a difference – you make a difference! 

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