Pastor Jeff Little

The Power of Prepare

A few years ago, we were on a road trip as a family. We were going camping and so our destination was in the middle of nowhere. My wife turned to me countless times and begged me to ask for directions, but I would just reassure her that I knew exactly where we were. A couple hours later one of my kids said something along the lines of: “We saw that rock earlier, Daddy.” And that’s when I knew that we had seen that rock, and the next, and the next because we had gone in one giant circle. 


It’s a funny illustration, but I think this happens to us a lot of times in life. We get stuck in the same cycles. Cycles of addiction, anger, pain, loneliness, etc. But the thing is—we don’t have to keep going in circles. God wants to bring breakthrough, healing, and freedom in our lives—all we have to do is ask Him. 


Prepare is a time every year that we come together as a church to do just this. We take three days to pray, fast, and seek God with everything we have. Every year, I am blown away by all that God does. He continues to restore marriages, heal diseases, bring financial breakthrough, and so much more. He is a God who hears our prayers! 


This year our needs—individually, as a church, and as a nation—are greater than ever.  Going into the fall and school year, I believe that it is more important than ever to press into everything that God has in store for us. So, this year we are doing something special—our first fall Prepare on August 17-19. We’re pressing in for the same spiritual impact we experience every year in our January Prepare event through prayer, fasting, and worship. But this time, we are expecting God to do so much more. If you have been feeling isolated, anxious, stuck, lonely, or even if you are in a good place, I encourage you to join in what God is doing. You can stream it online, host a watch party, or register to attend in person as we seek God together. Don’t miss this! I know God wants to meet you right where you’re at. I’m thankful for you and I’m excited to see all that God is going to do. 

We want to help you get all the information you need for Prepare. To register or to get a better understanding of what this Prepare will look like you can go to


—Pastor Jeff Little


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