Pastor Jeff Little

Inside These Walls

This isn’t just about building a building, it’s about reaching people.

This past Sunday was a monumental moment for hundreds of individuals and families.

At our Writing on the Foundation Event, we gathered as a spiritual family, at the location of our new church home, to thank God for what He’s already done and believe for the future of our church.

Individuals and families could be seen writing the promises of God’s Word alongside the names of people they are praying for directly on the foundation of our new building. Families and friends, standing together on the truth of God’s Word, praying for salvations, for healing, for prodigals to come home, and for all of our future Milestone family who have yet to walk through our doors.

Timothy Kraftson, his wife Holly, and his children were one of the many families who participated on Sunday. After a 6 month search for a church, here are some of Timothy’s thoughts on finding a church home here at Milestone:

family-praying-over-the-foundationThe Writing on the Foundation event last Sunday was a special opportunity for us as a family. It was our prayer on Sunday afternoon that thousands of people would find themselves at Milestone over the coming years and that they would clearly hear the message of Jesus. After we wrote on the foundation, our oldest child prayed for our youngest, that he would become a Christian. Holly and I prayed for our kids, that they would not only clearly understand and accept the Good News of Jesus – that their faith would become unmistakably their own inside the walls of this new building. We prayed that this new place would be a place where they would experience great growth and maturity in their faith at early ages. We prayed that they wouldn’t hide their Christianity, but would show Christ to their friends around them in a way that would stand out, in a way where their friends couldn’t help but notice something different about them and want to know what it is and how to be a part of it.

The Writing on the Foundation event was meaningful to our family for a lot of reasons, but I think the main reason was that it was a chance to be together as a family, think about the vision and direction of all of our lives, and how so many meaningful things would be happening inside these walls for years to come!

This isn’t just about building a building, it’s about reaching people. It’s not just about more people coming in, it’s about the lives that will be changed.

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