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Pastor Jeff Little

What Single Moms and Widows Need to Hear

My grandmother was a tough lady. She could cook dinner, perm her hair, sew a dress, and fix a carburetor all at the same time. But, the strongest thing she ever did was raise two boys all on her own. You see, my grandmother was a single mom. I watched her do everything she could to provide for her family. So, I know it’s hard, not just because I am a pastor, but because I grew up with it. And…

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Life Stories

Braving Texas Heat for the Gift of Time

Did you know that the average American adult spends around 70 hours every year taking care of their lawn? For widows and single moms, that can mean a tradeoff of precious time spent with their kids or family. Nearly a decade ago, a group of men here at Milestone saw this as a perfect opportunity to join together and give some of that time back. From day one, James Hudson and his teams have been making a difference in the…

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