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Don’t Do Life Alone

“All my life, I said I hated small groups. People are fake. I don’t need to go share my feelings with strangers.” 

We can all relate to these types of anxious thoughts driven by fear. Clint just happened to put it into words. This past December Clint shared with us on the blog how spiritual family changed his life, but it wasn’t just a one time thing. Take a look at how he is still experiencing the power of spiritual family.

“I met Marc through a Freedom group. His compassion, spirit, love, and faith is phenomenal. He’s what I want to be like when I grow up. We started a small group and it was going great—until COVID-19 hit. 

At my restaurant I had to step in and work extra shifts. I own two locations. It was double the work. I wasn’t sure my business was going to make it. Prior to this I had lost everything. My father died, I lost my marriage, I had to take my mother off of life support, and start a new job in a new state. 


I was overwhelmed and broken


It wasn’t until I joined a Freedom group at Milestone that I understood that even though I was experiencing pain, I didn’t have to do it alone. 

During a hard week at work I was feeling especially discouraged. I glanced at my phone to see a text message from Marc saying that he wanted to come eat lunch at my Keller location. It seemed odd to me at first because he lives closer to my other location, but I was glad to see him. 

He texted me ‘I’m here man. Come outside.’ As soon as I walked outside I was blown away. My entire small group was standing outside the deli! They all took time out of their day to buy food, pray for me, bless me with gift cards, and just love on me. 12 guys who took time out of their day to simply encourage me.  

All my life, I said I hated small groups. People are fake. I don’t need to go share my feelings with strangers—until spiritual family changed me. 

— Clint 


Spiritual family isn’t just a bunch of people who meet together once a week to check a box. It’s people who walk with you through your best and most challenging moments and love you the same. And it’s not something that is only available for ‘special’ people. There’s a place for you! If you’d like to get connected to a small group and experience what Clint and so many others have you can join at

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