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Yes, There’s a Place For You

It was in the cafetorium of a middle school in the Spring of 2003, amidst the familiar smell of cafeteria food and the hum of vending machines, that Jim and Jeanne Rogers first got a taste of spiritual family.

Jim and Jeanne both had nearly 30 years of experience in a wide range of ministry environments. But in 2003, they found themselves in a season of searching. They not only wanted to find a church that was functioning according to Scripture, but one where they could serve others by using their gifts. They knew God had a place for them, they just weren’t sure where to find it.

As empty-nesters, when they entered the doors of Milestone Church for the first time and saw all the young, vibrant people leading the church, the reality was pretty clear. They stuck out.

And that question that each of us have asked ourselves at one point or another, crept up.

“Do I fit here?”

But as the Rogers took their seat and worship began, something shifted. And that day in 2003, just a few months after the launch of Milestone in a middle school cafetorium, Pastor Jeff preached a message on something that’s been a core value of Milestone from the very beginning: spiritual family.

They were hooked.

“There was a real authenticity we saw that first day. We realized that older people are needed here. That, as a church, we can draw from the wisdom of the whole family. Every age has an important place at Milestone Church. Each generation needs the other generations. We were passionate about being a part of a church that’s really going to make a difference. Somebody showed us how we were needed.”

Watch as Jim and Jeanne share their journey of finding spiritual family here at Milestone:

You may feel like your time to make a difference has come and gone. Maybe you’ve lost vision for the future or just aren’t exactly sure where you fit in.

You can be sure of this today: You have a place here and you are needed.

The Bible often uses multi-generational language to describe the Church. The Church was never meant to be separated silos of targeted age groups or demographics. It’s meant to be a greenhouse, cultivating teaching and love with all generations. It’s meant to be a family.

14 years later, Jim and Jeanne Rogers are continuing to help build the Kingdom in the context of spiritual family here at Milestone Church.

“Our greatest excitement for this next season is what it’s always been—to see young families experience spiritual family. Before we visited Milestone for the first time, we’d been able to do everything we’d ever dreamed of doing in ministry. But coming to Milestone gave us to do the opportunity to do the most exciting thing we’ve ever done–discipling men and women. We’ve found our place and our calling. We are passionate about raising up the next generation of leaders. We want to see them come alive with enthusiasm for Jesus Christ, His Church and the Word of God. That’s what the Church is all about—one generation pouring into the next. ”

Jim and Jeanne, we honor you for the many years of leadership and service you have given to the people of Milestone Church. We are so thankful for the wisdom you have imparted, the love you have given, and the young leaders you have helped raise up in our midst. We are so glad you are a part of our spiritual family!

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  • Melody Hancock Robertson
    March 17, 2017 at 11:43 pm

    Sweet sweet Mrs Rogers. You were one of my first role models. 47 years ago you encouraged me to join the choir at Hurst Junior High. Not only could I not carry a tune I couldn’t read a note. You supported me told me I would be just fine. I went on to be the Choir Sweetheart and the young man who had to kiss me as part of the ceremony had never kissed a girl. Those days with you are some of my fondest childhood memories. The Milestone family is very lucky to have you and Mr Rogers as mentors! I am always excited when you sing at the 9:30 service. May God truly bless you!