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We aren’t made to live life alone…but, if we took a poll, odds are, everyone would say they’ve felt overlooked, isolated, or misunderstood at some point in life. For some people, it may have been just a short, fleeting moment of feeling this way, but for many of us, we’ve had to fight through those feelings over and over again. 

Growing up, Kayla was no stranger to those feelings of loneliness, but now, she’s experiencing a new way of life, and she’s here today to share all about it.

“I’ve always had a hard time connecting with people. Even from the time I was really little, relationships haven’t come easily. There have been some really lonesome moments, and, outside of a few close relationships, there were times I didn’t think I would ever have true, honest, and meaningful friendships.

All of that changed this year.

I’ve thought of Milestone Church as my home church since I was a child but never attended services regularly. I began making more of an effort to start going to church in January of this year but really wasn’t committed in my heart.

On a Sunday morning in either June or July, during the worship song, Build My Life, my heart changed. I felt the overwhelming desire to surrender to God. I knew that if I was to build my life on God, nothing could harm me. Everything would be okay with God as my foundation.

At that moment, I said to God, ‘I’m going to build my life on You. This is all for You.’

Soon afterward, I went through the Growth Track, and before I could talk myself out of it, I pushed out of my comfort zone to join a Live Well Small Group. Putting myself in a group was a massive step for me, but I did it anyway. 

And then, my whole life changed. 

As I walked into the group, I felt comfortable in a group of people I barely knew. Finding friends that effortlessly has never happened for me, and there they were, instant friends – instant spiritual family

Before this group, spiritual family was just a topic discussed at church, but now, spiritual family is everything to me. We laugh and cry together, spend valuable time with one another, and are all believing in God for each other’s challenges and trials. 

Spiritual family is unlike anything I’ve ever imagined. 

I didn’t know relationships like these were possible for me, but now that I do, my life will never be the same.” 

-Kayla Sasser

We all need connection and meaningful relationships – it’s what we are hard-wired for. God designed us that way. We were never meant to do life alone; we were always meant to walk alongside others in the context of spiritual family. 

This is just a simple truth: we’re better together. 

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