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How God Is Shaping Emily’s Future

Last weekend we took a moment to honor and celebrate our graduating seniors. We are so excited for what God has next for each of them as they close one chapter in their lives and open another. Emily Taylor is one of these students, standing right on the edge of a brand new season. When Emily first came through the doors at Milestone Church, she didn’t know what to expect. Six years later, she reflects on how God has used this environment to cultivate lasting relationships, develop her gifts through music, and champion a call to worship ministry.

I first came to Milestone when I was invited to Elevate, it was my 7th grade year. I went the first night and was so confused as to what was going on, but I knew I kept wanting to come back. Jesus completely changed my heart the third week I went and I gave my life to Jesus that night!

I have always heard that a next step after coming to know Jesus is to get into a small group and start serving. I immediately joined a small group with Trisa Crutcher who is still my leader today and I found such great friendships. However, I didn’t start serving because I was afraid to put myself out there and meet new people. It took me until I was a sophomore to finally get on a team, and my small group leader practically dragged me to join the worship team. She knew I loved to sing and encouraged me to use my gifts to serve. So I finally auditioned.

After my audition, I started serving in kids and Lift worship under the direction of so many leaders. I was being developed in this season not only a worship leader, but into all that God has called me to be. Leaders in both children’s and student ministries consistently poured encouragement into my life and intentionally checked up on my growth. I started serving in Elevate as well and I continued to grow in worship leading.

In preparation for college, I was planning on majoring in engineering because I had always been aware that I could make money in that area. Plans changed for me though when I went to Rev Camp this past summer and God called me to be a worship leader.

God spoke so clear in that moment, and leaders in my life validated the call on my life as well. I began looking at colleges that would help me grow in my calling and I looked all across the country. I wanted to experience college in a new city, but that was not God’s plan for my future. In the past two months, I have applied, been accepted to, and decided to attend Dallas Baptist University. I fell in love with the school and what it has to offer, but its biggest bonus is that it is so close to my church home. In going to DBU, I also will have the opportunity to be involved in Milestone’s internship program and grow even more into my calling!

Reflecting on all that God has done in my life and how far he has brought me, I am so excited for this new season in my life! Milestone Church has played such a huge role in my growth and walk with Jesus, and I am forever thankful that God planted me here.


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  • Pastor Ron
    May 11, 2018 at 7:20 pm

    God’s call, God’s power, and God’s faithfulness. Recipe for an amazing journey and future. Enjoy every step Emily. So proud of you and all that God is doing in your family.

  • Jordan Patrick Fowler
    May 12, 2018 at 9:36 am

    Keep pursuing Him first and the calling second. Proud of you surrendering $$$ for Kingdom. It will be so worth it! Go Emily.