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Have You Ever Thought, ‘Has God Forgotten Me?’

What do you do when you feel like God has forgotten about you? It’s a feeling Marci was no stranger to, but in recent years, she has seen the truth, and she’s here today to share it with us.

“While growing up, one thing became very clear to me when it came to God: I was extremely confused.

I was raised in church, but my relationship with God was all about following a set of rules and trying to be good. That wasn’t working, and by my early twenties, I felt like God had forgotten about me.

At 25 years old, I met my husband. We were married on October 7, 2000, and waited for the 2.2 children to arrive.

We didn’t get pregnant right away so we sought help from a specialist, but nothing worked.

I just felt shame, guilt, and forgotten by God again…especially as my husband and I went through two miscarriages. We were barely hanging onto our relationship when we met a couple of people who went to Milestone Church. They always talked about what it would look like to have a relationship with God and spiritual family – a conversation that would take years for me to actually understand.

And then it happened: I had my third, and final, miscarriage on October 2, 2014.

I was so angry with God. I thought life couldn’t get any worse…until it did. On April 9, 2015, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. We were so shocked, hurt, and confused.

I called up the friend who had been telling me about Jesus for years, and she asked me, ‘Do you want a relationship with Jesus Christ?’ And I muttered, ‘Yes.’

So, on April 28, 2015, I devoted my life to Jesus.  

When I walked into Milestone Church, I found the spiritual family I had always needed. And, while my circumstances haven’t been easy, God has placed some amazing people in my life through spiritual family. These people have surrounded me, helped me, and lived life with me.

And now I know for sure, God never forgot about me, but through everything, He had a plan for my life.

Over time, I’ve come to the realization that I might not have children in my physical family, but God has provided me with a spiritual family in that place. And, with my husband being cancer-free now, I know that God has blessed me with all that I need.”


What Marci said is true: God never forgot about her. And, no matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, it’s true for you as well. God hasn’t forgotten about you, and He has a plan for your life. 

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  • Nathan
    February 23, 2020 at 11:32 am

    What an incredible testimony. Thank you for sharing, Marci.

  • Ps Steve Pulley
    February 23, 2020 at 9:38 pm

    Marci, you are really strong! So good at overcoming! God has a purpose for ypu and we are excited to watch!