Dallas Cowboy Cory Procter had his NFL career ended abruptly in 2010 after suffering a serious knee injury. Being forced to leave the game he loved was difficult, but it was when his nephew was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2014 that his anger and bitterness toward God intensified.

A few months after the devastating loss of his nephew, Cory found himself in a church service he didn’t even want to be in. It was while listening to a worship song in that service at Milestone that he had a vision that would change everything. This is Cory’s story.

As we shared Cory’s story this weekend in service and on social media, there was an overwhelming response. People from every walk of life can identify with wanting to question God in the midst of life’s hardships. What an incredible reminder that God continues to pursue us, even when we feel far from Him.

2 thoughts on “Healing in Hardship

  1. Amen
    Just follow God as He unveils the life He has planned for you.
    Ups and downs will come but the strength of the Lord is steadfast

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