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Summer Stories: Beck Newby

Each summer there are special stories that come out of the week our high school students spend at Revolution Camp. This year there was one story that hit particularly close to home.

Milestone staff member Luke Newby has been praying for his younger brother Beck for years. Although Luke had consistently invited him to Elevate camps and retreats, Beck had never wanted to come. This year Beck was offered a scholarship for summer camp and decided to attend.

Beck Newby (middle) Luke Newby (right)

Beck Newby (middle) Luke Newby (right)

Before attending camp, Beck had been caught up in toxic relationships, addictions, and making bad decisions. Summer camp was the the first time in a long time that he had been in a healthy, positive environment. Not only did Beck attend camp, but he had a radical encounter with God! After connecting with his leader, spending time with his brother, and being surrounded by an awesome small group, Beck surrendered his life to the Lord. The transformation that happened in Beck’s life that week has been apparent to everyone around him.

The reason we’re so passionate about summer camps is because they are environments that can radically impact student’s lives. We celebrate what has happened in Beck’s life, but also with Luke who has been faithfully praying for his brother. If you have a son, daughter, sibling, or just family friend who is a teenager and seems to be resisting God like Beck was, we encourage you to do everything you can to get them into an environment like camp or the retreats that happen every Spring and Fall.

We value the next generation and are passionate about reaching students and helping build their lives.

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