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We’re Changing the Way We’re Building

Are you having trouble in your marriage, career, or life in general? 

Building on God’s foundation can make a major difference. We can all build with God’s design; it just takes us stepping out in faith. Jeff and Theresa took their next steps to build this way, and today, they’re here to share how God’s worked in incredible ways. 

“We opened the doors to our business almost five years ago. But we started it on the wrong foot. 

We didn’t have the right foundation in any part of our lives. 

Our business was open seven days a week, and it has been a major struggle in our marriage and home life.  Over the years, I saw the stress and exhaustion wearing Jeff down; truthfully, it was wearing us down.

Immediately when Built to Last started, we realized that we hadn’t built on the foundation of Jesus – not in our marriage, family, or business. 

So, after evaluating how to build our business on God’s foundation, we decided to close the store on Sundays, and, that week, our sales boomed. 

In putting God first, we finally feel a peace about the business that we haven’t experienced in the five years we’ve had it. 

Our next change: we needed to put God first in our marriage. We started praying together every night for the first time ever. During our first prayer together, Jeff realized that I did understand the pressure he was facing and that I truly did care. That moment brought us closer to one another in so many ways. 

Building on Jesus as our foundation has changed everything.

These changes have made us better partners in our marriage, our business, and as leaders in our family.” 


“After 30 years of marriage, I know we’re on the right track and finally have a spiritual family.”


Building God’s way will change things, and church, we are here with you, cheering you on while you step out in faith!

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  • Pastor Tim
    March 5, 2020 at 12:41 pm

    I love this story! This family is part of an incredible Small Group, and I love seeing how truth from God’s Word + spiritual family for support CHANGES LIVES!