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What Serve Day means to a Single Mom

Serve Day 2020 is right around the corner. You may be asking the question: Why is Serve Day still happening? Even with all the challenges and difficulties of this time, we still believe the local church is the hope of the world. When we heard about the needs around us, we knew we had to do something. With everyone’s safety in mind, teams will be sent to serve refugees, veterans, single moms, those experiencing homelessness, widows, and the elderly. There are skilled home projects, baby showers for women who have chosen life, clean up and beautification projects to clear city code violations and lawn care needs, kindness projects, and many more. These are just a few ways that we as a church can show the love and hope of Jesus to those in need. One person who has been impacted by this is Amy. Check out her story.

“Serving is doing what’s necessary for someone that maybe they can’t do for themselves.” Amy’s story is just one of many who have been impacted by the love of spiritual family. If you would like to be apart of Serve Day 2020 you can register at

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