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The Cure For Loneliness

Spiritual family has been a core value here at Milestone from the start. We see from Scripture that God always builds through family, both natural and spiritual.

The truth is, life isn’t easy. We will all encounter hardships, trials and pain. Yet the Bible tells us we aren’t meant to carry our burdens on our own.

After her husband passed away three years ago, Linda Wagstaff found herself lonely and alone.

“I quit going to church when he died and began living a life of isolation. I lived that life of grief and isolation for almost two years and it was a terrible way to live.”

The Bible is clear—none of us are meant to be isolated.

In need of connection, Linda and her daughter knew they needed to find a church home. After visiting Milestone, Linda decided to jump into our Growth Track. When she discovered her 301 group leader was an old family friend she knew God was up to something.

In Psalm 68:6 we see that “God sets the lonely in families.” He knows us better than we know ourselves—what relationships we need and who we were meant to walk through life with. After finishing 301, Linda joined a small group and has found meaningful relationships in the context of spiritual family here at Milestone.

“When we came to Milestone we knew we had found a home. I can’t even express in words how these women have changed my life. I am leading such a full life now. We love and care for each other; we meet each other’s needs, whatever they may be. We shop together, movie together, lunch together, travel together, doctor together, worship together and so on. They are such a blessing to me.”

We believe the church should be a safe place where people can be honest, share their challenges, celebrate their victories, wrestle with truth and look for help in a time of need.

This doesn’t happen by just sitting in rows during a weekend service. Growth happens in small groups, where people are doing life together.

That’s what spiritual family is all about.

No matter what your season of life is, we all need spiritual family. Even if you don’t find yourself alone or in a season of grief in the same way Linda did, we all have the same need to walk with people.

Austin and Ryan are two individuals in different seasons of life that have also been impacted by growing alongside others in small groups here at Milestone.

“I started attending Milestone about 9 months ago but really didn’t get plugged in until the beginning of this Restart group. The people I’ve met through this and the openness and love that they have shown me has helped me understand that God has placed me at Milestone for a reason! I’m excited to watch these relationships continue to grow and where God will take me next.” —Austin Minter

“My small group at Milestone has had a tremendous positive impact on me. It has helped me strengthen my faith and make connections with fellow believers through in-depth discussions, prayer, and a lot of laughs. We all have God-given gifts and talents, and our small group has been the perfect place to encourage, teach, and challenge one another.” —Ryan Whitlock

People matter to God and He wants us all to experience genuine relationships in a spiritual family. When we get connected to others in a healthy environment we can’t help but grow!

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  • Pastor Ron
    March 10, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    Growth happens in small groups. We were never intended to do life alone. These truths have changed my life and countless others. Will you let them change yours?