Let me tell you, knowing the statistics of our culture today, seeing adult men make decisions for Christ and then choosing to be baptized is a full-on miracle. We’ve seen it first hand here at Milestone as we partner with wives in praying for their husbands to come to church. Once they get here, the best part is hearing these men say, “Well, unfortunately I liked that”.

One of my favorite moments from last weekend was getting to share with you one of these stories.

Trevor thought he had an idea of what church would be like before he walked into the doors of Milestone for the first time…but what he found was something completely unexpected.

Watch the impact that the local church had on a skeptical young man’s view of Jesus.

Last weekend, I thanked Trevor for being so honest about what God did in his life and for sharing his journey with all of us. What a great picture of how the local church is the hope of the world.

Milestone, I’m so proud to be your pastor. Thank you for being a warm, welcoming church that sees people on the margins and invites them in as family. We’re an everyone church and none of us can do alone what we can all do together!

Pastor Jeff

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