Milestone Missions

Groceries for Seniors

We say it over and over again, you are a generous church, and your generosity hasn’t stopped during this time of uncertainty – it’s been amplified. We’re seeing you step up, step out, and help others in ways that are so valuable, needed, and life-giving. 

Each month, a group of Milestone Missions volunteers goes to the Evergreen at Keller Senior Living center to have a meal with the residents. After hearing that we had to temporarily stop for the safety of the seniors, Dianne and Bonnie realized we could do something as a church! Here is their story.

“We’ve been serving meals at Evergreen through Milestone Missions for the past eight years, so we already have relationships there. 

We know some of the hardships and struggles, the health concerns, family needs, and everything in between for our senior friends at Evergreen. 

With what’s going on all around us, we all know how vulnerable this population is. Questions kept popping up in our minds: How are they going to get groceries? How are they going to get prescriptions? We wanted to find a way to keep the seniors out of the stores as much as possible, so the next question that came to our minds was, How can we help? 

We started reaching out to the residents, one by one. We got to talk with a lot of them, check up on them, get their grocery lists, and pray for them. 

We knew that with a group of Milestone Missions volunteers, our church could meet their needs. Approximately 20% of the seniors at Evergreen don’t have any way to get groceries and other essential items. These are the people we’re reaching as a church. 

The two of us have taken loads upon loads of groceries that Milestone Missions volunteers have shopped and paid for to the people who’ve needed it most at Evergreen. 

Our church has such a heart to serve; we’re always trying to do something for someone, and it doesn’t always have to be something really big or time-consuming. Sometimes it’s something as simple as picking up and dropping off groceries that really brings joy, peace, and comfort to someone else. 

Sometimes it’s something this simple that answers someone’s prayers.” 

-Dianne and Bonnie

Thank you, church, for doing everything you’ve done in this season. You’re truly making a difference and shining the light of Jesus into the darkness right now. 

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