Milestone Missions

What Can I Do?


In today’s world, it can be easy to take for granted the men and women serving in the police departments that help make our communities a safe place to live. As a church we’ve always been grateful for their service and sacrifice, but a few weeks ago we decided to put our “Thank You” into action. We delivered 125 lunches to 5 police departments in our area and had the opportunity to visit and pray with the officers at each station.


Sergeant Buddy Davis, a Keller police officer who serves off-duty during our weekend services at Milestone, shared how he and his fellow officers were impacted by it:

“The support of churches is amazing to me and to other officers. It keeps us going. We feel cared about, loved, and supported. My fellow officers and I have so much gratitude for being honored in this way. It was truly an awesome experience, and I heard from several people at the Keller Police Department how much they loved the BBQ lunch!”

We believe that we as a local church are called to partner with and serve those making a difference in our community. Even something as simple as bringing BBQ to police officers can make a difference. Here at Milestone, we have several local outreaches that take place on a weekly basis. Check out and ask yourself, “What Can I Do?” We know you’ll love being able to minister to people as you step out and begin to serve!

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