Milestone Missions

Missions: It’s Not What You Think

The mission is worth it.
People matter to God.
Generosity transforms.

These are things we say a lot at Milestone, but it’s during events like Missions Weekend that we see how they really shape the culture of our church. It’s amazing to see the big picture of what so many people are doing to impact our community and our world. We put together this video to share what has happened in the last year.

What we love about this video is that it shows how a group of ordinary people can come together to make an impact. No matter who you are, you can make a difference. Dana, who helps assemble the Welcome Baskets for new families, alongside her son with special needs, said it so well–“All you need is a servant’s heart.”

Maybe you’ve pictured missions as a move to Africa or a dramatic change of lifestyle. Missions isn’t always what you think. Casie, who went on a mission trip shared “You think it’s about serving others, but God shows you so much in the process. We just have to say YES to what He does.”

If you want to be part of what God is doing through Milestone Missions, you can find a serving opportunity that works for you on our website, All we have to do is say YES.

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  • Regina
    December 7, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    So many opportunities to serve and get connected! Excited for our SERVE weekends in 2017!!!