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Pastor Jeff Little

The Power of Prepare

A few years ago, we were on a road trip as a family. We were going camping and so our destination was in the middle of nowhere. My wife turned to me countless times and begged me to ask for directions, but I would just reassure her that I knew exactly where we were. A couple hours later one of my kids said something along the lines of: “We saw that rock earlier, Daddy.” And that’s when I knew that…

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Life Stories

Fasting for the First Time

Though he didn’t know what to expect, Josh Taylor decided to fast for the very first time last year at Prepare 2016. Josh shares with us what God did through his willingness to take a step of faith: “I had never fasted before participating in Prepare 2016. Upon speaking with many of our Milestone family, they shared with me it was their favorite time of year at Milestone, I was excited to experience it for myself, though I went into…

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