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Brandy Little

A Mother’s Day Message from Brandy

Being a mother is an incredible joy, but it is arguably the hardest job in the world. You have to be a chef, chauffeur, and cleaner all in one—oh, and you have to do it all at the same time. Even when your kids turn 18, leave the house, or get married and have kids of their own—you never really stop being a mom.  Whatever season you’re in, I have a special message for you. Check it out below. Whether…

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Milestone Missions

One Car, Two Stories

When people pray, powerful things happen.Our missions department recently received the donation of a car that came with two special requests from the owner: that the car be given to a single mom and that he might leave an anonymous letter for her on the dashboard. You see, the man who owned the car had grown up the son of a single mom and he’d been praying for an opportunity to bless a single mom with this car.…

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