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Palm Sunday

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What is Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday; sunlight shining through a palm leaf with thin fronds

You may be reading this and wondering, what is Palm Sunday? Maybe you grew up knowing the significance that Easter represents, but Palm Sunday has always seemed a little obscure. If this is you, you are certainly not alone.  But this day is more than an indicator that Easter is almost here. It’s more than the details of Jesus riding in on a donkey through Jerusalem and people waving their palm leaves before Him, although those are important details. What…

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Pastor Jeff Little

Discovering the Power of Palm Sunday – Part 1

Can you think of something you or your family has always done even though you’re not really sure why you do it? Maybe it’s a certain food you eat every holiday, a school chant, or long-time family tradition. For me, that was Palm Sunday. Even as a boy I have memories of sitting in the pews of my old Baptist church watching people wave palm branches as we all sang a hymn about “Hosanna.” Growing up I always figured we…

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