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What is Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday; sunlight shining through a palm leaf with thin fronds

You may be reading this and wondering, what is Palm Sunday? Maybe you grew up knowing the significance that Easter represents, but Palm Sunday has always seemed a little obscure. If this is you, you are certainly not alone. 

But this day is more than an indicator that Easter is almost here. It’s more than the details of Jesus riding in on a donkey through Jerusalem and people waving their palm leaves before Him, although those are important details. What this moment in history is actually indicating is a fulfillment of a prophecy given 500 years before Jesus was born by a prophet named Zechariah. 

What is even more incredible is that Jesus did this to reveal that He was the King the people had been waiting on for generations. As they shouted “Hosanna” over and over again, what they were truly experiencing was the promise of salvation and victory that would extend forever, and now He was riding through their small town’s streets. No one, not even His closest disciples, knew during this celebration the mission that Jesus had yet to accomplish. Jesus had known it His whole life. Everything had led up to this moment where He’d be seen as the King of kings before making the ultimate payment for humanity.

The truth is, Jesus was not accepted by everyone that day. This is why a few days later, He’s put on a cross and accepts the weight of the world’s sins – past, present, and future. He could have easily escaped it. He could have run away like many of us would have, but He didn’t. Because of Jesus’ unconditional love, He chose the cross. He chose to give everyone, including you, a chance to have a relationship with the Father and live a life full of peace and victory. 

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