Sometimes it’s easy to think you’re alone when you face a struggle or difficult circumstances. The truth is, none of us are immune to pain or challenges…it’s a part of being human. The Bible tells us we aren’t meant to walk through these things alone. It’s how God created us—we are hard-wired for relationships.

Zack Linton recently shared with us his experience in encountering freedom through spiritual family here at Milestone:

Shannon and I experienced a lot of pain early in our marriage—sibling drug addiction, unexplained health issues, a scary diagnosis, infertility and a failed adoption. At the time, we found strategies to cope with the grief and loss.

But I don’t think either of us realized how much
fear and anger were still clinging to us.

When we started attending Milestone, we found a spiritual family–compassionate brothers and sisters who recognized what the Holy Spirit could and wanted to do in our lives–and it led to a breakthrough! We were prayed over by some loving friends, and I felt a release from the anger. I was reminded very clearly that God knows our future and we don’t need to be afraid of what’s to come. Even more amazing, that feeling of release from fear and anger has lasted as I have continued to surrender and invite the Holy Spirit to fill me daily!

Zack, we’re so excited for all that God has for you and Shannon. Thank you for sharing your encouraging story with us. We’re so thankful to have you here at Milestone!

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