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Have You Ever Prayed for a Miracle?

It’s the very beginning of a new year, and we plan to make things different. We plan to work out more or be more financially stable; to work more efficiently in our careers or to be a more involved parent. Those are all valuable goals, but what if we bring God into the situation? What happens then? You may be surprised by how He responds to you. 

Have you been hoping for reconciliation with your spouse? 

Have you been in desperate need of a financial breakthrough?

Have you been waiting for a miracle?

Go to God.

He wants to hear your prayers, He listens intently, and He moves on your behalf. Our assurance in this faith is not that He will make our wildest dreams come true, but that He will listen and act according to His will for us. Kandyce and Sterling were praying for something special –a baby– for over a year. God listened, and He provided. Here is their story:

“God really spoke to Sterling and I about starting a family at Prepare 2018. And so, we decided that we were going to start trying to have a baby. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a mom. I just didn’t realize how difficult it can be to do that.

I’m a woman, so I’m supposed to be able to do this. And once we say, ‘hey, we’re going to start a family,’ it should happen right away. But it did not happen that way.

I personally didn’t want to tell people that we’re trying because, eventually, the question you get when you’ve been married for a while is, when are you guys going to have a baby? And, answering ‘oh, we’re trying’ was really hard.

You feel like a failure.

All of 2018, just month after month, it was a negative test followed by another negative test. It was just really discouraging and going into Prepare 2019, we’d been trying for over a year. And we said, ‘You know what? We’re going to make this our prayer at Prepare.’ And, together, Sterling and I decided to put it on the Prayer Wall. 

We trusted Him and His timing. We trusted that what He spoke to us the year before was going to happen. But we wanted to believe with other people this go around.

So, our prayer for 2019 on the Prepare Prayer Wall was for a miracle.

During one of the Prepare services, Pastor Tim was on the stage and praying over specific prayer cards. He read our prayer. When our whole entire spiritual family prayed together, I knew things were going to change.

It was like God was saying, ‘Okay, this is what I spoke to you a year ago, and you’ve had faith. You’ve kept it – you haven’t lost your hope. And, you’re trusting me even more now.’ It felt like Sterling was holding one hand and God was holding the other.

Sure enough, in March of 2019, we found out we were pregnant.

And, in November, our son, Riggins, was born.

I told Riggins, ‘Last year, you were a prayer on the Prayer Wall at Prepare. This year, you’re going to be there for Prepare.’ One thing I know is true, God provides!”


As we go into Prepare 2020, what are you praying and believing for? Join us, and add your prayer to the Prayer Wall during Prepare, to invite your church family -your spiritual family- to pray alongside you. We want to believe with you, and we can’t wait to see how God moves. 

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. –1 John 5:14

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  • Nathan
    January 2, 2020 at 10:15 am

    I love this line: “It felt like Sterling was holding one hand and God was holding the other.”
    So happy for you guys! God is faithful.