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Leading and Loving Others at 12-Years-Old

“I’ve learned a lot about God and how He loves us through other people.”

At the beginning of June, things changed for 12-year-old Embry as she walked into Elevate for the first time. A week later, she joined over 180 other students at our Middle School Camp. She knew that God was going to move in her life, but she didn’t know how significantly He would change her and her family. 

“After promotion weekend, I went to Elevate for the first time and loved every second of it. I wanted to go to Middle School Camp because I just knew I would be changed. I couldn’t wait for it. 

I went into camp knowing a few people from Fifty6 but didn’t really have close relationships. I knew I was going to make friends at camp, but I didn’t think I would find friendships this close. I found a great spiritual family through Middle School Camp. 

That’s just what I needed. 

We were all pretty giggly during our first small group. We were nervous, but small group time was a great way to get to know each other better. It didn’t take long before we made a really great connection. We all really started to understand each other. 

We learned a lot about each other and went really in-depth about our lives and our struggles. We now pray together when someone is going through something and are believing for each other for breakthrough. We love each other and have been there for one another through everything. I’ve learned a lot about God and how He loves us through other people.

It’s been life-changing.”


Through the revelation that He loves us through others, Embry is now walking in a way that people are noticing, especially her parents, Dinah and Charley. Her impact is changing things for her family:

“Embry learned that God loves us through other people, and we now are learning that from her. God is working in Charley’s and my life through Embry. She has spoken with us personally about issues that she had no idea we were wrestling with, but God used her to speak into our lives. It’s pretty incredible to see what God is doing in and through her. 

We had been praying for clarity and for peace in our lives, and God is bringing that to us through Embry and her relationship with Him. 

He is taking us on a journey. God is taking her, our 12-year-old, and just really using her to help guide even us, her parents. He can really show you in a big way what to do if we just open our eyes and listen to who He has sent to us!”


With her spiritual family and her natural family all supporting her, Embry is taking a big step in her faith this weekend. Embry will be one of many people to be water baptized during our Baptism Weekend. 

Embry, we are excited to celebrate with you and everyone who has made the decision to be water baptized!

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  • Marie Black
    June 28, 2019 at 8:30 am

    Love this family and I’m so glad you guys came! Generations impacted forever.

  • Pastor Ron
    July 3, 2019 at 10:55 am

    Way to go Embry! You don’t have to wait to be great… Following Jesus is the best decision you could make. Your journey and heart are an inspiration to us all!