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One Act of Kindness Can Make a Difference

Last Saturday we sent volunteers out to meet the needs in our community. Although Serve Day may have looked a little different this year, it was still just as impactful. But, serving others isn’t something that is limited to one day a year. It’s something that Christians are called to live out daily. 

Lou Ann decided that instead of participating just on Serve Day she would serve for an entire week. Take a look at her story. 

“Being a senior here at Evergreen of Keller myself, I know how lonely it can get. I know how much my neighbors and I truly appreciate things like cards, letters, phone calls, or someone spending time with them. So, I chose purposeful acts of kindness as my project. It was the perfect fit because I had time to be in touch with several people during the week and I know how much it means when someone goes out of their way to serve you. 

Purposeful acts of kindness allowed me to spend more time with people on the phone, write letters, and drop by to see folks and bring them baked goods and gift cards. I wrote to people on our Bible study’s prayer list, tucked gift cards inside the letters, made visits to several of my neighbors who cannot get out for various health reasons, and took them milk shakes, bread pudding, flowers, phone cards, or paper goods and toiletries. 

Just having the extra time during the week to spend with people and pray with them and hear their stories was a blessing for me. It was my pleasure and honor to serve my Lord and Milestone this week and to pray for our church family.”

—Lou Ann 

Lou Ann went above and beyond to meet the needs she saw in the community. This is what spiritual family does—it goes the extra mile to love and serve people. Thank you to Lou Ann and all of our Serve Day volunteers. We can’t all do everything but, we can all do something and you are making a difference!


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