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What God Can Do Through a Four-Year-Old

“I just had a lot of questions that needed to be answered in a big way. I’m more of a logical person, so I question everything. If I was going to be committed, I needed something right in front of me. God’s answers came through her innocence. How can you question a 4-year-old that brings something to you like that?” —Matt Schuster

The stats are clear—in our culture today, it’s a full-on miracle to see adult men make decisions to follow Jesus and then choose to be baptized. What’s special about this story is that God used Matt’s 4-year-old daughter to lead Him to Christ. Matt was baptized on March 30th in front of his friends and family. Take a look as his wife Heather shares their incredible story:

“Even though Matt has believed in God for a long time, he didn’t have the passion and excitement that I had been experiencing. I could just feel a barrier there. For many years I’ve prayed for that barrier to be gone so Matt would be saved and fully surrender.

At Prepare this year, I heard God tell me: this is Matt’s year. I had no idea what that meant, but immediately knew that I needed to be praying boldly for Matt. I just said, “Lord, get right to his heart, get right to his soul, and make him fall to his knees so undeniably, no-questions-asked, over You. Just rock his core so much that he would come to his knees.” I prayed this prayer for the next few months, fully expectant that God would move in Matt’s heart.

On March 24th, Matt’s birthday, he turned casually to me and said, “I’m going to get baptized.”

I was speechless. I had dreamed about this moment, just like you do for big events. He said, “Come here, let me show you what Kaylee made at church.” He showed me the envelope where she had drawn a picture and inside it was Joshua 1:9: The Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. She had opened it up for him and he’d collapsed into her arms. Kaylee pat her daddy’s back as his life changed forever.”


—Heather Schuster

Kaylee was especially excited to see her dad get baptized and knew, even at the age of four, that this was a big moment for her dad. Take a look at this video of her explaining what had happened in her dad’s heart and at the picture of her anticipation as she waited for Matt to be baptized.

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