Milestone Missions

8 Year Old Raises 4K for Friend’s Mom

When eight-year-old Rylin Childress asked her parents for a snow-cone machine for Christmas, they had no idea that a miracle that would come from it. Nicole, Rylin’s mom, had found out that one of the class moms at Kay Granger Elementary was fighting stage four cancer, while raising three kids as a single mom. This is Rylin’s story of how she used her snow-cone machine to raise $4,000.00 to help her friend’s mom.

What we love about this story is how Rylin responded as soon as she heard about a need. We hope that as you read this you are encouraged to also respond quickly to the needs you see around you. As our spiritual family here at Milestone Church grows, each of us should be using the gifts we have to be like Rylin, and do what we can to help.

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