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Life Stories

The Final Hour

God makes the impossible possible.  You’ve probably heard or read that, but when you see it in action–when your friend is healed, that hopeless business deal works out, or when someone’s life changes because of a new relationship with God–you never forget it. Ben Ankarlo is here today, sharing how he’s seen the impossible become possible.  “I was in Lesotho, a small African country, on a mission trip several years ago. During the last hour of the trip, I experienced…

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Milestone Missions

Missions: It’s Not What You Think

The mission is worth it. People matter to God. Generosity transforms. These are things we say a lot at Milestone, but it’s during events like Missions Weekend that we see how they really shape the culture of our church. It’s amazing to see the big picture of what so many people are doing to impact our community and our world. We put together this video to share what has happened in the last year. What we love about this video…

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