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Much of what we believe about ourselves, our world, and our faith is formed in our teenage years. It’s clear that these are some of the most significant years of our lives. At Milestone, our summer camps have always been key environments where our Elevate students can encounter Jesus in a real, personal way.

This summer, over 300 of our high school students spent a week in Louisiana as a part of Rev Camp. Through powerful sessions with speakers from around the country, small groups with their friends and leaders, and moments of worship throughout the week, our students were impacted in a profound way. Today, we want to share with you a handful of the stories from Rev Camp 2019.



Kole had moments in his life of being close and distant from God, but he finally had a breakthrough during Rev Camp. He had lots of pressure to live up to other people’s standards for him, but at camp he was overcome by God’s love. Kole will never be the same again.



Mia went into camp feeling weighed down and anxious from the tragedies in her past. Over the course of her time at camp, that weight lifted and she felt peace for the first time in years!



Kylee was disappointed early into camp as she saw her friends receiving so much from God. She felt like she was missing out on that. But her frustration didn’t last long as God reminded her that her identity is found in Him. By the end of the week, she knew God was telling her that she is loved. 



At first, Sean was reluctant to attend camp, but Jesus revealed himself to Sean in a powerful way during worship. Now, he feels called to be a leader for those around him. He’s so thankful for being a part of such an amazing week.



Before camp, Jasilyn was living a lifestyle she knew that she needed to avoid. During camp, she began living her life for God. She now has many people in her corner, and they support and pray for her in pursuing this new lifestyle.



Since elementary school, Brenden has lived with pain in his feet and at camp he began believing for healing. God healed Brenden’s feet, and now, he is able to walk without pain.



Throughout camp, Elizabeth felt God giving her a call and vision for her life. Her experiences with Him over the week helped her realize that she can share her story and show others that they are cherished by God.


No matter our age, mistakes, or background—we all have unlimited access to the same loving God. You don’t have to be grown to have life-changing moments like these. That’s why we value camps and retreats where students can take a step back from daily distractions, tensions, and technology to focus on their relationships with God. 

Thank you for your generosity. Because Milestone is a place where we value and invest in the next generation, hundreds of high school students were able to have experiences just like these.


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  • Lorraine Thomas
    July 26, 2019 at 1:01 pm

    Love these stories!
    Milestone Church, you are making an impact! Thank you for giving these students a voice.
    Let the whole earth, Praise The Lord ~ Psalms 148