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More Fun Than Expected: A Small Group Story

Picture this: your Small Group steps out of the circle and does something just for the sheer purpose of just having fun. Devoting time to sitting with one another is important, but so is spending time together at the movies, bowling, or even doing more adventurous things. Mandy and Candice’s Small Group decided to do something a little out of the ordinary with the Small Group their husbands lead together…and it was a game-changer for their Small Group.

“It was great to get out of our comfort zones and do something different than just the normal brunch or coffee together. We didn’t feel the need to share any hardships or challenges; we just shared in the fun of the moment. It’s been something that we keep laughing about, and I’m so glad we get to have moments like these together. Our time hanging out really strengthened the Small Group and brought new life to our spiritual family.”


“There was a lot of laughter just from hanging out. Hanging out, outside of the Small Group time, where we open up and share – that’s friendship. Our people were a little bit more outgoing, simply because it was a more competitive environment. You could see different personalities in the group that you wouldn’t usually see when sitting down for coffee and discussion. And because it was more of a laid back situation, we connected on a different level.

There isn’t anything that Mandy or I have done that’s been crazy profound as leaders. I feel like God has just put people into our group, and He has built the connections. We can see that His hand has been on our group with the different people that have come in and the relationships that have formed. It’s just been cool to watch. Through our whole Small Group journey, it’s been fun to see how God is working in all of it, even in the silly parts like just going out to have an adventure together!”


Small Group environments are intentional about building you up. We share our challenges, seek wise counsel to help in our times of need, and find freedom in believing and praying with spiritual family. But Small Groups aren’t only about sharing the heavy, burdensome things. You get to make friends, celebrate each other, and have a good time within the context of spiritual family.

Small Groups kick-off on January 26th, so make sure you get yourself, your family, and friends into a group. To sign up for a Small Group, click here.

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  • Nathan
    January 18, 2020 at 1:36 pm

    That’s what it’s all about!