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One Invite Can Change A Life: Amy Russey

There is no time of the year like Easter. For Amy Russey, Easter is a day of celebration. She gave her life to Jesus 24 years ago, on Easter Sunday. Take a look and see how Amy’s life has changed from that day to now:

“I grew up in a home where we went to church, but what happened at the church and what happened at home were totally different. Our lives did not reflect anything that was being taught at the church. I was abused as a child and assaulted as a teenager and by the time I was 18 years old my life was full of fear and shame. I was just a mess.

At that point, I just said, ‘What’s the use? I can do without God and the church.’

A few years later, my brother started inviting me to go to church. He would tell me, ‘No, it’s not like how we grew up. It’s about a relationship.’ He asked me to go for months, but I had always refused to go, but then in April of 1995 something changed in my heart. I called my brother and told him I would go.

On that coming Sunday, which was Easter, I went to church. That was the first time I really heard what Jesus went through for me, and it just broke me. I couldn’t wait for the pastor to finish talking! I just wanted to shoot my hand up and shout:

‘Me! Me! I want Jesus!’

Many things drew me to that day, but what really broke me was hearing everything that Jesus went through—all the physical, emotional, and spiritual pain He endured. He took all of that because He loves me and because He wanted me to be a part of His family. He stood in my place and took everything for me; that was all I needed to know.

So on Easter Sunday in 1995, I gave my life to Christ.

Now, 24 years later, I recognize that Christ has been here with me through it all and my life has been forever changed. I could not have been healed of my past or have found freedom without His saving grace. Believing that with all of my heart has helped me to lead and serve in the marriage ministry, in Restore for 5 ½ years, in numerous Redemption groups, and currently on the Connection and Ministry Teams at Elevate.

Getting to serve people and seeing them be set free of what’s been holding them back has been incredible. I’ve seen people meet Jesus, I’ve seen people develop a deeper relationship with God, and I’ve seen people go all-in. I love it!”

–Amy Russey

Maybe the person you invite to Milestone this weekend will have a story like Amy’s. Our Easter services might just be where they say, “Me! Me! I want Jesus!” and then build a lasting relationship with God. One single moment with Jesus, like the one Amy had while sitting in church on Easter Sunday in 1995, will change a life forever. We believe those moments with Jesus will happen all around the church this week and lives will be forever changed. Who are you bringing to church with you for Easter? You never know what God will do!

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  • Ps. Pulley
    April 20, 2019 at 10:34 am

    Amy, what a story! The power of the ASK is so strong!