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Summer Splash and Spiritual Family

This past Tuesday, both our campuses were buzzing with excitement as women throughout our community came together to celebrate our annual Summer Splash event. There’s no doubt, our Milestone Women know how to have fun! But we also know there’s something intangible about those nights that runs deeper than decor, ice cream, and dancing.

We are all hard-wired for connection and meaningful relationships. It’s how God designed us—to walk alongside others in the context of spiritual family. We’re not meant to get through challenges, celebrate victories, or reach our destinies alone.

We come back to this simple truth:
we’re better together.

After Summer Splash, Amber Stephenson put this to words so well and we wanted to share it with you!  

“Y’all, I NEVER understood how incredibly important it was to have women in my life. I was never the girl who NEEDED friends to be happy, but when I turned 30 I felt lonely. It wasn’t the sad kind of lonely; my husband and I we were in a good place, my kids were happy and well, and I had a strong family support system, but that is where my relationships ended. And that is when I realized that I WANTED those true friend relationships. So, I set out to make it happen and, for me, that was scary. I am introverted and somewhat shy, and there is always a fear of rejection or judgment, but I chose to step out of my comfort zone and push past my fears to meet, get to know and build relationships with women who were like-minded and/or in the same season of life as I was.”

Looking back, I see that I did, in fact, NEED true,
authentic, transparent, honest relationship

“Now, looking back, I see that I did, in fact, NEED true, authentic, transparent, honest relationships with women, and I didn’t just set out to add friends to MY list or build my village, but I felt the desire to be that friend to someone else. I now have a circle of women who I can be real with, and who can be real with me. We don’t just share our struggles and accomplishments, but we can honestly call each other to the table, and know it’s with love and to help, not to hurt or condemn. It’s more than this group of ladies, but this picture from Summer Splash had me reflecting on all of that, and left me with gratitude. You girls will never understand how much it means to me to have you all in my life.”

– Amber


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  • Pastor Ron
    July 2, 2018 at 11:14 am

    Way to go Amber! I love this line… “I felt the desire to be that friend to someone else.” This is how great relationships always begin. So proud of you and Wes!!!