Pastor Jeff Little

Faith for the Future

Here at Milestone, we believe the next generation has the potential to change the world. So many of them feel the pressure to have it all figured out, but when they are put in an environment that encourages young people to follow God’s call on their lives one step at a time, the results are radical. Take a look at one young man’s story of stepping out in faith to where God was calling him. 

“My whole life I have felt a strong draw towards God and even as a young man, I felt that I might go into ministry some day. I’ve always tried to make an effort to improve myself and grow in my relationship with the Lord.

Last summer I attended Milestone’s summer camp. I started to think about my future after high school and I began praying that God would show me the vision He had for my future. And to be honest, I didn’t really hear anything while I was there. It was frustrating. 

However, I got the opportunity to talk with Pastor Jeff that summer and I asked if there was any way I could join a student internship or something at Milestone. I didn’t know exactly what it looked like, all I knew is that I wanted to grow. It was in that conversation that Pastor Jeff told me about his dream of starting Milestone College, and that it might soon be a reality. 

I left that conversation excited, nervous, and ready for whatever was to come. I went home and started praying that God would open doors for me to attend Milestone College. Even though I was praying for this, I still wasn’t sure exactly what God was calling me to. It wasn’t until I attended the interest meeting that I was sure that God was calling me to attend Milestone College. I felt His peace like never before and I just knew. 

Even though times have been hard for all of us lately. I feel like during quarantine God really prepared my heart for this next season. I’m excited to see all that he does in and through me at Milestone College.” 


This is what it’s all about—creating an environment where young people feel empowered to pursue God and whatever He is calling them to. I am so proud of Gabe and all the other young people who are a part of our first inaugural class at Milestone College for stepping out. I am proud to be your pastor and excited to see all God is going to do. 

-Pastor Jeff 


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