Pastor Jeff Little

Well, Unfortunately I Liked It

In our culture today, seeing adult men make decisions for Christ and then choosing to be baptized is a full-on miracle. We see it over and over here at Milestone as we partner with wives praying for their husbands and inviting them to come to church. Once they get here, the best part is hearing these men say, “Well, unfortunately I liked it.”

One of my favorite moments from last weekend was getting to share with you Michael’s story. His wife, Lyndsey, asked him to come with her to Milestone for two Sundays, that’s it. What God did when he agreed to come was awesome. There’s no better picture of what we’re about than this right here.

There’s no way you can encounter the presence of God and not be changed. It doesn’t mean you understand what’s happening. It doesn’t mean you get the answers to all of your questions. It doesn’t mean your problems magically disappear. But deep down you realize there’s far more going on than what you can see. The presence of God is irresistible.

Ps Jeff

PS…I thought you might want see Michael and Lyndsey’s baptism. It’s powerful!

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  • Jordan Fowler
    May 4, 2018 at 8:52 pm

    Such a great story of transformation! Keep going, Michael.