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Waiting for Breakthrough

Waiting for breakthrough can be hard. The thoughts often enter our mind: “Can God really do this? Healing is for “holy” people, surely it’s not for me? Is God actually good?” The truth is, God sees us right where we are and cares about our pain, our challenges, and our questions. We worship a miracle-working God who is doing incredible things in our midst. Broken and in desperate need of God’s power, Ed Kopal and Kathleen Tysinger each stepped out…

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Pastor Jeff Little

The Why Behind The Wall

     Break·through  \’brak-,THrü\  noun       1. a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development. Have you ever needed a breakthrough? Maybe you need one right now…a sudden dramatic development in that circumstance that keeps you up at night. It could be your marriage that’s falling apart, an addiction you just can’t seem to kick, that challenging toddler (or teenager) you can’t get through to, or a bad medical report. Maybe it’s a financial crisis, infertility struggle, the desire…

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