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2019: A Year of Faithfulness

Over this past year, we’ve seen it over and over. God’s faithfulness has come through. He’s reconciled marriages, He’s provided hope, He’s healed bodies, minds, and spirits, and He’s comforted and uplifted. He’s saved people, He’s changed their lives, and He’s done it all in front of our eyes. As we’ve recorded these stories throughout 2019, we’ve seen just a glimpse of how greatly God has moved in our lives this year. He’s been faithful, and here are reminders of some of the things He’s done! 


People found the peace they needed through Small Groups.

“My faith began to grow again. I just felt such a strong connection with my new spiritual family. I saw something that I hadn’t seen in a very long time–people caring for one another. I regained my faith in humanity, and even more, I regained my faith in God.  I saw that you can give up on God, but He’s not going to give up on you. I used to wonder where God was and why He wasn’t there for me, and if He even cared…but now I can see so clearly that He was there. He was listening, even when I thought He wasn’t. He is present and active, always.” -Katie

Full Story: It Hit Me, I Needed People


Lives were transformed in the revival at Leo Adams Middle School. 

“The change at Adams has been amazing. Everyone is a family now. We care for each other and we hold each other accountable. It’s like home. Having spiritual family at school has changed my life and the lives of so many of my friends.” -Salofi

Full Story: An Amazing Change at Adams Middle School


Children found spiritual family at VBS, and entire families were changed as a result.

“Witnessing His love confirmed in the voices of your little ones, to hear their hearts yearning, and continuing to want to chase God like He chases them, is just awesome. It always renews so much of my own understanding and perspective on God when I hear about the love of God from the mouths of little kids.” -Kristen

Full Story: Finding Home


People received healing during Prepare 2019. 

“On Monday night of Prepare 2019, we went to the Small Groups pastors and asked them for prayer. He anointed me with oil and prayed over me. I went to the hematologist the next day and my white blood cell count was normal. I knew I had received my healing, and I stand on that today.” -Ed

“I felt such a pull by the Spirit to walk up to the front and ask for prayer for healing. As we prayed, the pain faded away from my legs. Cane laid aside, no longer necessary. My energy was restored and strength returned.” -Kathleen

Full Story: Breakthrough 


Middle School Camp didn’t just have a lasting effect on the students; the parents were impacted as well. 

“I’ve learned a lot about God and how He loves us through other people. It’s been life-changing.” -Embry

“We had been praying for clarity and for peace in our lives, and God is bringing that to us through Embry and her relationship with Him. He is taking us on a journey. God is taking her, our 12-year-old, and just really using her to help guide even us, her parents. He can really show you in a big way what to do if we just open our eyes and listen to who He has sent to us!” -Dinah

Full Story: Leading and Loving Others at 12-Years-Old


Entire families experienced breakthrough this year. 

“Now that Thomas, our 6-year-old son, has accepted Jesus into his heart, I see little glimpses of the man he will become. The fire is growing inside of him, and it’s amazing to watch it burn for the Lord. It’s the little things like saying his prayers to catching him worship in the backseat with songs he is learning in Milestone Kids. It’s just a blessing to watch our son transform because of Jesus in his life.” -Jay

Full Story: Jays Family Vision


Marriages were restored during Freedom. 

“God said to me, forgive him, and listen to him. The very week that I forgave my husband and began to listen to him, all the hurt, trauma, and anger were gone. For the first time in our marriage, we were both able to listen to one another.” -Candyce

Full Story: Creating a Vision for Our Family


Spiritual family showed God’s everlasting love. 

“Before this group, spiritual family was just a topic discussed at church, but now, spiritual family is everything to me. We laugh and cry together, spend valuable time with one another, and are all believing in God for each other’s challenges and trials. Spiritual family is unlike anything I’ve ever imagined. I didn’t know relationships like these were possible for me, but now that I do, my life will never be the same.” -Kayla

Full Story: Effortless


God is faithful and just. As our provider, healer, hope, and peace, He is moving – He is always moving on our behalf. With 2019 coming to a close, remember all that God has done for you, maybe even list it out. Let that list be a reminder to you when you are at your worst, and when you are at your best, God is faithful. 

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful. -Hebrews 10:23

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