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Cass’s Story

At Milestone Church, we believe in creating a safe and fun environment where kids can grow in their relationship with God and others. Our heart is to help every child reach their full potential. Check out Cass’s story to see the impact it had on her to watch her son, Corbin, be in an environment that helped him flourish. 

“ I am a preschool director and work very closely with special needs children. When Corbin was around three years old, we started to notice that he was acting out and showing all the signs of a child with special needs. But, it’s hard to know when it’s your kid. He was eventually diagnosed and that was hard for us. 

Corbin has the kindest heart, but it can be hard to take him places because other people don’t understand. One of our biggest challenges was taking him to church. It was hard to find a place where I knew that he would truly be taken care of and taught the Bible in a way that he could understand. 

Coming to Milestone Church absolutely blew me away. We have never been to a church that has a discovery room specifically for special needs children. The people in that room have loved our son so well and have helped him grow so much — he’s even getting baptized on April 24! This would not have been possible without the volunteers who made it their priority to help him succeed. Even my husband and I were able to get connected to spiritual family because we didn’t have to worry if Corbin was going to be okay.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the people who have invested in my son’s life and helped our family be as healthy as it is today. “

We want to help every child reach their purpose. At Milestone Church, we believe that your kid doesn’t have to wait to be great — they can be a great kid. To learn more about our kids ministry and how your child can get plugged in, visit us at 

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