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Jack’s story

One moment in the presence of God is all it takes to change a life. Jack Sands is just one of our many highschool students who got saved at one of our student events last fall. Check out his story.  

“I went to Super Series (Super Series is a teaching series that happens at our Wednesday night student program: Elevate) last fall, and I was feeling far away from God. In worship, they started playing this song: Run to the Father. I felt this tug from God that he wanted me to come back to Him. I’ve never felt anything like that in my life. Then, the Pastor on stage asked if anyone wanted to give their life to Jesus–I knew I had to go down to the front. Two of my friends and I accepted Jesus as our Savior in that moment. It was so cool! 

After I went home, I started thinking about my next steps. I wanted to get water baptized to show everyone how much God had changed me. I shared with my brother what God had done in my life. He was going through a tough time and decided that he wanted to get baptized too. 

I was baptized with my brother in front of my family, which was such a cool moment that I will never forget. My grandparents even got to watch over zoom! 

God has really changed my life. I was at Elevate a few weeks ago and they were playing the same song that was playing when I gave my life to Jesus. I saw a kid standing next to me, and I felt like I was supposed to go and talk to him. I told him that I felt like God wanted him to go to fall retreat and that God loved him.  I hope that God did the same thing in his life that He did in mine.” 

God wants to meet your student exactly where they are at. He wants to meet them in a way that not only changes their life but also the lives of those around them. Sometimes all it takes is one moment in His presence. For more information about our many student programs you can go to 

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