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Shaun’s Story

“If I ever step foot in a church again, the building will cave in.” 

Maybe, you have thought or felt something similar. For Shaun, it felt especially true. Check out his story of redemption and life transformation. 

“I grew up in the church but was turned away by religion. My family was the type that would go on Sunday but not really live out their faith during the week. Growing up I had a lot of wounds from my relationship with my father. Around the age of fourteen I stopped believing in God, went down a dark path, turned to drugs and alcohol, and eventually became an atheist. 

Once I graduated from high school, I decided to join the Marine Corps and ended up meeting my wife while we were both stationed in Japan. When we got married and had kids, I told myself I would be better for my kids but I still couldn’t stop drinking.

When we retired from the marines my wife was radically impacted by God. She started going to church and was baptized. Every time she would bring up church I would feel a tug to go but I didn’t want to give up drinking. I knew that I didn’t want to be someone who went to church every weekend to repent and still do the same things. If I was going to commit, I wanted to be all in–but I wasn’t ready. 

We both ended up changing jobs and moving to Fort Wort where she immediately got plugged into Milestone. I would go with her on Easter and Christmas but not much else. However, I was impacted by watching how God changed her. She was a different person. She had so much grace for me. I was baffled. 

She would constantly tell me that I didn’t have to carry all my guilt and shame because God just wanted to have a relationship with me. While I knew that in my mind, it was still hard for me to accept because I just felt so dirty. 

Until one day when I was driving in my car and felt God’s presence so distinctly. I decided at that moment to give my life to Him. I pulled over, went to the Milestone Church website, clicked on the link that said “Meet Jesus,” and prayed the salvation prayer in my car. I signed up immediately afterwards to be baptized. 

I could not be more grateful for the way God has changed my life and my family. 

No matter how far you think you might be, you are never too far from the love of God. He wants to meet you right where you are at—in your home, in your car, or at your workplace. If you would like to meet Jesus you can go to or to take your next step you can sign up to be baptized at 


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