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Pastor Jeff Little

Discovering the Power of Palm Sunday – Part 1

Can you think of something you or your family has always done even though you’re not really sure why you do it? Maybe it’s a certain food you eat every holiday, a school chant, or long-time family tradition. For me, that was Palm Sunday. Even as a boy I have memories of sitting in the pews of my old Baptist church watching people wave palm branches as we all sang a hymn about “Hosanna.” Growing up I always figured we…

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Life Stories

When Nothing Else Worked

We’re so grateful for the genuine stories of life transformation happening all around us. This past weekend Taylor Mathews was water baptized and shared her incredible story of hope in the midst of struggle. After sharing her story in service last weekend, Taylor has been so excited to hear the positive response and hopes it will continue to help people in the future. Here are a few thoughts from Taylor on her journey so far: “Overcoming depression and anxiety isn’t…

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