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When You Say Yes to God

We have all been afraid at some point—unsure of what the future holds. Maybe you’re living there right now. If so—you’re not alone. 

Lauren faced a situation where she felt God calling her to do something she didn’t understand—something that would test her faith. By saying ‘yes’ to God and His plans, she was encouraged by His faithfulness. Check out her story: 

“About 6 months ago, God started pushing me to go back to work at the hospital as a nurse. I had no idea why, and in all honesty, I fought it—I was scared.

One day I decided to say ‘yes’. There was obstacle after obstacle, and most days I questioned if I was really hearing God. With four young kids and a husband who travels, so much still didn’t make sense. But, how often does God call us to do things that don’t make sense? 

After a long journey, I accepted a job at Baylor Medical Center. I couldn’t have been more thrilled about the job, but I still wondered why God wanted me to go back. My family and I were going into this sacrificing a lot for something we trusted was right. However, little did I know, God would reveal to me why He had placed me there.

The day I started working at the hospital was the same day that quarantine went into effect, and COVID-19 became a reality. It was at that moment that I heard God answer my question ‘why?’. He said to me, ‘for such a time as this’.

God knows my heart better than anyone. He knew that I couldn’t have been at home watching this unfold without helping as a nurse. He knew I needed to be there. And beyond that, I’ve seen Him give me so many opportunities to help people both physically and spiritually during this time.

God is bigger than COVID-19. He can do incredible things in you during this time if you just say ‘yes’.”


Maybe you feel a little bit like Lauren right now—unsure, unsteady, and uncertain. But no matter how you are feeling, if you choose to trust Him, He will do more than you could possibly imagine because He is a faithful God. 

What is God calling you to do today? But more importantly—will you say yes?

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