Luke and Sam have been a part of our church family for over 13 years and were both teenagers when they met at Elevate’s very first student retreat in 2004. Ten years later, as a married couple, they found themselves navigating a painful season of loss and uncertainty following a miscarriage.

“When you’re in it, you have no visibility into what God has later on. It’s really hard to process and understand why.”

Watch their story here and find out how God showed up in their lives in a miraculous way.

Luke and Sam’s story is a powerful reminder that God hears our prayers in the most difficult and challenging seasons of our lives–even when it seems like He doesn’t.

Your circumstances say one thing, but God says something else. I felt like He was saying, “Just trust me. Just believe.”

4 thoughts on “The Miracle That Needed A Miracle

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It pulled on my heart strings when I watched this video at church and it did the same thing watching it at home. God is a God of miracles! And from one preemie parent to another, God bless you guys

    1. April, thanks so much for commenting! It’s awesome to see how God uses these stories to impact people in a positive & powerful way!

  2. Every time I watch this I cry and am so thankful for the faith my daughter and son in law have in God. He truly blessed them with a beautiful miracle

    1. Leslie, thank you for this comment. They really are an amazing blessing to our staff and spiritual family!

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